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Enter your team Scores and Stats from the web site.

By TFBC, 03/30/14, 5:45PM PDT


Score and Stats instructions

Unless Captains inform TFBC otherwise, only captains can enter scores and stats.

First, email us and let us know you are the captain and want to enter scores, or delegate the responsibility to someone on your team.

Here are the steps:

  1. Navigate to your team's page
  2. Click Game Schedule
  3. In the upper right part of the Touch Football BC banner, click edit
    You should be in User mode by default.
  4. Click QS beside your desired game
  5. Enter scores
  6. Change the Game Status to Final
  7. If you went to converts, click that box.

Note - you can do this with your smart phone using the a browser OR pay the extra $2 to use the app.

To enter Stats, rather than clicking QS, click the time of the game.
Then click edit Stats.
Use the drop downs to enter stats. (there are way more than you can remember, so ignore the ones you don't keep track of).

Note - you can enter stats with your smart phone, but only using a browser and the web site.