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    Good Luck to all Teams in the Playoffs

    Fall Playoff Winners: The Rams, Bucs, Fraser Height Blaze, Team Bring It, Chargers, Sharks!



    Tie Breaker:  head-to-head, point differential, then points for and against.  For the head-to-head if the tied teams have played 2 games against each other in the schedule then it is the aggregate score.  If three or more teams are tied then the there has to be a clear head-to-head winner (i.e. A beat both B and C) otherwise it goes to the next tie breaker (point differential).

    Hi everyone, the league board is looking to fill the treasurer position beginning in the 2018 season. We are looking for someone to work with the current treasurer in an interim capacity to close down 2017, assist in 2018 registration, and to accept  a nomination for the 2-year position, for the 2018 & 2019 seasons (subject to a vote at the March 2018 AGM against any other nominations). 

    This position is volunteer; duties of the position include:

    - approving and distribute cheques for league expenses

    - accepting league registrations via email transfer into the league's bank account

    - coordinating accounting entries with league's contract bookkeeper

    - exporting financial statements from league's accounting program (Quickbooks), presenting the statements briefly at the AGM, and filing them annually, online, with BC Government

    - using registration numbers, forecasting available funds for each new season

    Some financial accounting background is useful, but not essential if you are organized and detailed. The outgoing treasurer will assist in on-boarding you through the March 2018 AGM.

    If you are interested, please email Rob Kozak directly, . 



    Last Day to add new players to your team roster is Oct 1st.

    Mens Playoff Dates Oct 21, 22, 29

    Top Flight - 6 Teams Eligible. (Oct 21,22)  Int 1 - 7 Teams (Oct 22,29) , Int 3 - 6 Teams (Oct 21,22,29), Int 4 - 6 Teams, Rec - 6 Teams (Oct 21,22,29)


    Jersey Draw Winners: Pulls and Red Army! Congrats


    Important date: October 7 the touch football team DOLPHINS were inducted into the BC Football Hall of Fame during the BC Lions Game! Congrats

    Spring Champs: Top Flight - The Rams, Int 1 - Eagles, Int - 2 Goats, Int 3 - Goodfellas, Rec 1 - Fraser Heights Blaze, Womens A - Suns, Womens B - Sirens


    **New Players not on a team - Please post your info in the Locker Room**


    Updated 2017 Rule Book is now available for viewing. Please download under the TFBC Info tab - "Refs Assoc."





    2017 Western Touch Champs "The RAMS"

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